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Bend Pill Box is Canadian Online Pharmacy located in Montreal. Our company has a rich history in developing a pharmaceutical business on the Internet. The staff is experienced and skilled, polite and friendly, reliable and responsible, striving to help people improve the health conditions. This page contains the aspects making Bend Pill Box Pharmacy one of the most well-known all over the world.


Bend Pill Box was established in 1975 by a group of pharmacists in Montreal, Canada. We have started developing in this online business step by step. We have faced many problems but we have overcome them after a certain period of time. We have moved from one office to another but now we are based in 17 Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada. We have no plans to change the location anymore. Bend Pill Box has created a career ladder which main aim is to promote the employees to the most responsible post. 2017 was the most successful year for our online store because we have been awarded the prize as one of the most reliable online services. We have undergone many verifications confirming our status. We have sent an application to take part in the same competition in 2018. We hope we will confirm the reputation of our company this year again.

Available Careers

Bend Pill Box Pharmacy takes all the efforts to employ young people. The reason for this is a chance for them to acquire experience for further development. At the moment, we are going to recruit the staff with call center operator. The main duties of which are:

  • take incoming calls;
  • receive and process the emails with customers’ inquiries;
  • keep a customer database;
  • provide reference and advisory services;
  • provide customers with information about the range of products and services.

Moreover, we are going to hold an interview to find a learner. This year will see the development of a student who has a desire to develop in the online pharmaceutical business. We have conducted the competition in August 2018. The exact date will be specified later.

Our Mission

Bend Pill Box, working online, is surely gaining an increasing number of customers since today, online pharmacology forms a significant share of the market for medical items. When you buy medications in a reliable Bend Pill Box pharmacy online, not only the quality of certified medicines will be guaranteed but also reliable delivery by the leading shipping services to anywhere in the world. The required drugs will be transported in accordance with the optimal temperature conditions necessary to keep their properties and qualities of the medications ordered. The staff claims they value the comfort and the health of customers the most that’s why they do their best to achieve these 2 main goals.

Staff and Experts of Bend Pill Box

Employees of our online pharmacy are experienced pharmacists who will help you choose a drug prescribed by a doctor or tell you how to choose a generic. The search for generics is conducted on the basis of a detailed analysis of both drugs composition, which guarantees identical pharmacological and therapeutical effect.

The performance of any online pharmacy is a subject to the legal framework as the activity of conventional pharmacies: the products offered to customers are certified and have a guaranteed level of quality that meets current regulatory requirements for the quality of pharmacological products. Such a system reliably protects the interests of customers and turns to be an insurance from the purchase of low-quality products that may bring damage to your health.

Dr. Robert J. Homm, MD is a chef pharmacist of Bend Pill Box. He was one of the founders of this pharmacy helping organize the cooperation with the drug manufacturers. He has a rich experience because he starts as a pharmacist. After some time, he was offered to become a chef pharmacist with a raw number of duties. He started organizing the general performance and selecting the new staff, creating different programs for the business development. Dr. Robert J. Homm has graduated from Harward University in 1970 having a master degree in pharmacology and a bachelor degree in business. Bend Pill Box is his “creature” under the support of other well-known pharmacists from Canada and the USA.

Shreya M. Amin started working in Bend Pill Box as a learner. She has been still studied when was offered to gain an experience in our online pharmacy. After some time, she graduated from the High Medical School. She wrote a research paper devoted to generics’ production as the means for cheap treatment of any kind of diseases. She is the youngest employ but with a great desire to acquire much more experience in this online pharmaceutical business. Shreya constantly attends seminars and webinars relating to pharmacology, generics and cheap medications’ production.

Katrina Skinner has performed 2 main duties: process the inquiries of customers as customer support operator and a pharmacist. She has graduated from Columbia University in 1983 from honors. She has a great experience confirming her abilities to help people in any situation. Katrina’s hobby is charity. She picks up funds to help people living without parents to get a professional assistance in any case.

William W. Alden, MD is an editor at Bend Pill Box. He has a constant working place in some scientific research activities but the composing posts at this online pharmacy is a kind of a hobby. He selects the topic considering the most significant problems in the modern world. William believes the timely and relevant information is a key element of the healthy world. He will be delighted if his articles become useful for any people living worldwide.