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16.Feb, 2018

Buy Viagra Online Canada in My Canadian Pharmacy

Nowadays, Viagra is the most well-known means for erectile dysfunction treatment. The drug in the presence of sexual excitement causes blood flow increase to a penis. The effect of Viagra begins 30 minutes after its application. Viagra Online Canada effect lasts for four hours. Viagra on My Canadian Pharmacy And…

26.Mar, 2017

How Was Viagra Discovered?

Innovative Discoveries There are many facts in history of medicine when appearance of surprising discoveries was result of random observations or findings. The three most striking examples so far are discovery of X-rays, antibiotics and Viagra. In 1895, German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen drew attention to unusual green glow of objects in…

23.Mar, 2017

Impotence in Young Males

What is Impotence? Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction, and it is characterized as inability to achieve erection or inability to maintain it during entire sexual intercourse. Just note that this is not one-time failure. You should give alarms when you have regular “failures” during sexual activity. To determine at…